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I love Wushu because…

At one time or another we’ve all wondered: “wouldn’t it be great to be able to fly”. We look at the birds and wonder what it must be like and sometimes when we have that dream where we are flying, we know what it feels like.

In an attempt to defying gravity I train wushu jumps. You lift off and hover in the butterfly kick, turn upside down in the areal, twist like a tornado in the whirlwind kick and twist horizontally in the 360 butterfly. Even when you’re a little chubby like myself it doesn’t matter as you create your own airtime by the way you time the take off, kick, turn and landing. It takes some years to perfect this timing but what keeps you going is that feeling of weightlessness. That feeling you get for a second when you are still in the air, suspended between time and space.

In competition routines 2 points of the total 10 are awarded to the execution of your jumps. The 2 points you can only get if you reach a starting value of 2 points. This means you have to include all the basic jumps: high kick, butterfly, single whirlwind and single lotus. But just with the basics you cannot reach the 2 points. You will have to add the areal (cartwheel without hands), a combination like a high kick into an areal, and some extra turns and/or more difficult landings like landing in splits, ouch… I’m not landing in splits anymore, I ripped my hamstring int he worlds in Beijing and was never comfortable with this move. Otherwise why do I have feet. It looks great though, when it’s done with ease, that is. This is the new era of wushu sport, 10 years ago the basics would have sufficed but in a bid to become an Olympic sport they have come up with this new scoring system that mainly focuses on difficulty in jumps.

I leave competition for what it is, you have to play by the rules. It’s the practice that is the enjoyable part and if you do well in competition it’s definitely a bonus.

Having fun at the end of the class. WATCH VIDEO