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Wushu sport has its very own judging system. You have A judges B judges and C judges, they all look at specific things in the athletes performance, f.i. Some look at technical requirements, some look at performance and then some look only at the jumping kicks.

In order for the judges to be able to do their jobs correctly, athletes have to fill out all sort of forms. A form for the required movements and a form  for the jumps, how many turns, which landing or how two jumps are connected. The more difficult the higher the score. two forms for each event: hand form, sword and spear.

The deadline is the 25th February, so I have to finalize which moves I will be doing. And I really need to take my time to fill in the forms correctly as last year I made a mistake and had a very low score as a result.  A few years back we all went for a judging course to understand how the system works and now after all those years I finally understand… But still it’s tricky and they need to be filled in with care.

I’m sitting at my desk at the Academy in the Hanwell Community Centre. Normally I take registrations here but now I am filling in my nandu forms… WATCH CLIP