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Hello, my name is  Jewel, I am 10 years old and have been training with The Alan Winner Academy for nearly 8 years.

How we start the lesson

We start the lesson by running up and down the room for about 10 minutes to get us warmed up.  After that we sometimes do a running race (6 laps.)  We jog into a semi-circle and go into a stretch.  To take our minds off of stretching and we play a variety of games.

Middle part of the Lesson

After that we start doing gymnastics.  We learn a variety of things like forward rolls, hand springs, back flips, cartwheels and many others.  We then practice self-defence which involves putting boxing gloves on. Alan our teacher demonstrates what we have to do with his partner Salie and then we copy.  Sometimes Alan gets us to spar with one another so we have to all sit down and the two people that are chosen get head geared up and if they have to put their mouth guards on.   It is supervised.

As we come to an end

After that we have a break and then we play a game.  The games are really fun and contain team work.  At the end of games we all line up and our names get called out and we get given our license back, which shows that we are members of The Alan Winner Academy.Jewel Leach